Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi-Next Day-

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Okay class! I'm hoping you have your songs, written! Who's first?

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Me!

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Jade who's your partner?

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Lucy, Arianna and Myself. x3


Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Doneeee!

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: What do ya thinkkkkkk!?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: It was beautiful :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Who's next?

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Thanks :)

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Goes to seat*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: ME



Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Smiles*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Done. :) Teacher: That was lovely :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: NEXT

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: You did great Kendall :3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: WE'RE GOING *Holds Levi's hand and drags him up*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L":" :O Yay!

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Smile drops* Thank you. *sits next to Justin who decided to watch his girlfriend sing*


E: *

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: Everyone: :O

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: *With her :3* *Dedicates the song to someone when they do finish*

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: ...*Stays quiet*

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Few people know why :3*


Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: *Kisses back oh shit*

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: :O

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Leaves*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: :O Holy shit.

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Smiles and nods*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: Everyone: :O

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: *pulls away* Done! Teacher: :O

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: :O <3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: That was adorable :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: :3 <3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Lastly, We have...Marzie Storan?

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: *Stays in dorm*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Sneaks out of class and goes to Jade's dorm*

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: ...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Hey...

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: What is it?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Oh I don't know, I just wanted to kill you and steal your candy. -.- What does it look like?


M: *< Sings that :)*

Naki/Jade/Scott/Arianna: J: Kendall, It doesn't matter.

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Fine...*Leaves*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Makes it in time for Marzie's performance*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: -.- *Mumbles* Oh great.

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: *Finishes and Winks at Justin* :D

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: *Hums and dances along in her seat*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: ;) :D

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: -.-

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Wants to sing again but that wouldn't be fair...*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: *Knows that Kendall is Jealous so sits down besides him and Kisses Him on purpose :D*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Kisses back* K: -.- *I'll get the bitch back, I swear.*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Teacher: Well, I'm proud of all of you so, EVERYONE GETS A+++

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: ~Class Over~

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M/G/L: *All Happy for their A+++*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: YES! :D

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Walks to Gabe* Yay! My first A+ for the quater *Sarcasm*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: But, Thanks for helping me Gabey :P *kisses his cheek, friendly and walks to Ellie*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Really?! :D

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: :">​

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: Hey Kenny :P K: Someone's in love :P E: It was just a friendly kiss :) K: "Friendly"

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: But, This is coming from someone who kissed Marzie Storan's cousin- K: But But But, ON THE CHEEK J: *Holds Marzie* I'm really proud of you :P

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: I find Gabe cute, He looks like Luke Hemmings 5SOS but that's it :) E: *Thinks of Levi*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Notices She's not paying attention so she walks back to Gabe :P*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Gabey, I have an idea, to celebrate our.....As :D

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: *Thinks of the Ellevi Kiss* G: Ohreally? :3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Well..I want to take you to dinner! No you don't need to pay, I'll pay :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: What? xD

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: *Skips to Levi* Hey! K: You heard correct :P

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: Hey Ellie! G: Uh.. Alright? :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: E: Levi! :">​

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: And the place is a surprise so, Be ready at 8!

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: L: What's up? :3 G: Okay Okay! *Kisses her cheek and dissapears*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Smiles*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *In a summer dress and shit*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: *Dressed nicely and shit, meets her*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Hi! :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Hi- :O You look beautiful :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Thanks! Same for you :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: What? :P :">​

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: look handsome, I mean! :P *Shows him to her Mercedes*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: :D You have a car?:)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Yep, Mom and Dad gave it to me :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: We're going to Vacaro :O

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: VACARO :O

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: My family used to come here all the time for family occasions, It's beautiful <3

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: :3 Yeah.. :D

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *They magically arrive*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: I love Magic.. are... Mortals here?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Possibly, Why?

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Careful! :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Almost trips on something*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: *Catches her* :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Giggles* Thank you

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: ~At the table~

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: So he ate it :P *Finishes funny story*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *giggles* Really?That's crazy

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Yeah- :O *Looks from behind her* *angry*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: What? *turns around*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Talking with Marzie*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: *Points to J&M* :O

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: Yeah- :O *Looks at Gabe Pointing* *angry*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: No..No....No... *angry*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *turns around* Uh...Just ignore them?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Looks at wherever she's looking* :O

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: Why the hell... noo!! -.- G; Try to,..

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: Your cousin with Kennedy....

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: Your Admirer with my Cousin. -.-

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: We shouldn't let anyone ruin our date *says the date accidentally*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: -.- Lets just ignore them and have fun at...VACARO :D

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Date..? :">​ M: Exactly. :D

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Yeah Date- I mean, Outing!

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: :">​Oh..

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: You're cute when you blush *Giggles* Ooh, Foods here!

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Finallyyy... :) *Eats decently of course*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *^^*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: So, Tell me more about you :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Well, I'm from Los Angeles, My family has their own reality show. I recently found out I'm a witch and My mother was going to lie to me for the rest of my life about my powers. -.- So my dad sent me here, to make new friends break me apart from my sister, Kylie. -.- Then when I do come here, I like this boy who has a girlfriend and his girlfriend becomes my friend....then I realize I have 3 more sisters. -.- Mom and dad must have had fun...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: But other than that, I like singing, dancing, modeling. The usual girl stuff *shrugs*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: *Laughs at the '"Mom and Dad" thing* Hahaha- Oh.. Interesting :3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Anything about you?

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: Well, I... *Lies because his story is AWFUL*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Hmm, Interesting! Better than me, IMO.

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: No way, *Laughs nervously*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Yes Way!

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: :P

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: :P

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Caresses his hand, smiling at him*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Looks at Kendall and Gabe*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: G: *Strokes hers too* *Looking into her eyes* M: Jealous? *Looks at them too*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: Oh Huh? *Looks at her* Jealous of what...?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *leans in*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: *Shakes Head* Nothing, Nothing.. G: *Leans in too until their lips touch*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *kisses him*


Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Kisses Marzie across from Gabriel to make him furious :P*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: *Kisses Back xD* G: *Keeps Kissing Kendall then! -.-*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: Waiter: *Looks at both couples* Uhm..

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: W: Get a room...

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M/G: *Pull away* :">​...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K/J: *^^*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Maybe we should go...?

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/Lucy/Levi: M: ^^.. G: Yeah.. :">​

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Giggles and pays the check* J: *<<<<<<<<<<*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: Next time, I pay. :3 *T: OH SHIT I SAID NEXT TIME* M: :3 Thanks Babe..

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Next time :">​?

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: No problem :P

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: Uh.. I mean... Uh... Yeah... :">​ M: :O Oh Shit Look at that!!! *Points at Niall Horan XD*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: You're so adorable when you blush *kisses him passionately*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Looks at Niall* Da fuck...*mumbles*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Kisses Back* M: It's-It's-I...I... *About to faint*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Holds her, Jealous*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: M: *Dying here* N-Niall H-Horan...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: *Pulls away from her...* ...

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: M: *Runs to Niall because#Fangirl*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: Well then...She left me...*Drives home*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *They must be making out xD*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *They are ;)* M: *Gets his number hell yeah.**Gets Zayn's too xD**Magically Appears at Justin's*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: -.- Someone's back.

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Pulls away* :">​ .. Again,.,. sorry.. M: Haiiiiiii... <3 *Dreamy*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Looks at him* What? It's okay! :">​ Don't be ashamed <3

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: :P Fine! M: *Plops on his couch*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *giggles*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: How was Malik and Horan?

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Takes her home :D* M; Hot, Sexy, Cute- *Looks at his facial expression* Are you Jealous? :P

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: J: Pssh, No...

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: We're hereeeee. M; Awwwww.. *Plays with his cheeks* You're Jealous...<3

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Wait, Can I stay at yours...? I share a dorm with your cousin and my sister...I don't really wanna hear any arguments tonight....

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: Sure! :)

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Yay! *Jumps into his arms*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Spins her around* :P

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :P

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Puts her down and they appear magically in his*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: :)

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Makes a bed for her where the couch is supposed to be*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Magically brings her pajamas over and then takes a shower*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Does the same :D*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: *AFTER her of course.*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: *xD*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: *xDDDDDDDDD You were starting to think dirteh I know it!!*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *makes popcorn and watches.................​........................​........................​........................​........................​.................TANGLED​DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD​DDDDDDDD*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *YAS.*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Cuddles in his arms and falls asleep :P*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Holds her <3 :D* *i ship this bye*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: ~Next Day :D~

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Wakes up* :3 *Sees Kendall sleeping*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Knocked out*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: *Kisses her forehead*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Wakes up and sees him* Hey....*smiles*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: Hey there sleeping beauty.

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: :">​ What time is it....

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: Around.. 8am..

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Are we late....

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel/: G: It's a Saturday....

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: O.O It is...?

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: Yeah...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Oh good...I don't have to get up and get dressed...I love sleeping in on Saturdays...

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: G: Same...

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Burries her head in his pillow*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: G: *Goes back to sleep*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: Yes. *Whispers and makes breakfast*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: G: *Sleeping like a bear*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Making French Toast and Eggs and sings She Looks So Perfect while cooking*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Finishes cooking, sets it out for him, then she watches as he sleeps*

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: G: *Wakes up*

Lala/Ellie/Justin/Kendall: K: *Jumps on top of him and kisses him* Good Morning Prince Charming <3

Marie/Marzie/Gabriel: G: Morning :)

End Of Part 1

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