• Note: Rhythmix is the alter-ego of Little Mix and Fifth Harmony.**

Camila Rosewood, Jade Hathaway, Dinah-Jane and Lauren Irwin successfully auditioned as soloists for the eighth series of The X Factor in 2011, but failed to make it past bootcamp's first challenge. However, the judges decided to give them another chance to be part of the Groups category, this happened April 20, 2015. They were then put into separate ensembles by the judges during the group's bootcamp stage.Edit


Dinah and Lauren are sister, And their brother is Ashton Irwin.

Dinah and Lauren are the only ones that are 17. While Camila is 16 and Jade is 15.



Band information
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Pop, R&B, hip hop
Years Active 2015 - Present





Website   [1]
Little Mix Vs03:24

Little Mix Vs. Fifth Harmony - DNA (Mashup)

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