Hurt my sister and there's gonna be some ass to kick.

–Justin to Jade about Levi, APEP Academy

Justin Harris
Biographical information

13 September 1995

Blood status


Marital status


Also known as



Justin Harris Sig

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Eye colour


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Family information
Family members

Deceased Parents
Ellie Harris (Sister)
Cady Harris (Sister)
Lilliah Harris

Magical characteristics


Justin Harris is a fictional character in the Life In The Academy (S). Justin is the older brother of Ellie Harris and Cady Harris. He is shown to be flirty,cocky, and conniving. In the premiere episode, His powers are bending (Which to him, it's not truly his power) and to make himself invisible. He uses his power of invisibility to his advantage by using this to spy on others. Jake can sense demons while his sister, Ellie cannot. 


Justin Harris is the flirty brother of Ellie and Cady Harris. He is shown to be arrogant,cocky,and annoying. (As most student describe him). But, Deep down, Justin cares about...something. He is shown to be a caring brother when he needs to. For example: Marzie: *T: I Know You're Listening Justin.. so.. Sorry.. But.. I've found someone that understand's me.. and loves.. and cares for me.. like you never did.. and.. Sorry.. really .. have fun with Kendall.. or whatever girl you decide to fuck because you don't care..* Justin: Marzie, Broke up with me.. E: -.- Eh, I knew it would happen anyways. Well, There's other bitches in the sea. *Not saying this about Marzie* J: Eh, I guess you're right.. E: Wanna build a snowman? J: Haha. J/E: *watch Frozen* E/J: *Finish watching Frozen* E: Okay, I'm done being an advisor Bye! J: Bye- Wait. *Hugs her tightly* E: ....What's this for... J: Being my sister  *Kisses her forehead and lets her go* E: Uh...Okay....*Wipes his kiss off her forehead and leaves* In this scene, Justin thanks Ellie for being his sister and he kisses her forehead. This proves, he loves her as a brother. 

Justin seems to never be affected by his breakups only because, He's the one that breaks them up. He's usually called a Man Whore around school but during the seasons, tragic situations like, Kendall's rape, changes him. Justin has revealed that Ellie was sexually harrassed and it's one of the reasons, why he protects her.


Justin Harris is the son of Mr and Mrs.Harris, He is the older brother of Ellie and Cady Harris, (Though Justin and Ellie's sister is never mentioned). At the age 12, Justin and his sister (who was at the time 10) were sent to Australian Education Boarding on a species scholarship. Their little sister, Cady (who's powers were unknowned at the time) wasn't ready to be sent to Australian Education Boarding. Justin powers were unknown until he become 14, He discovered he was a bender and he became bummed out by that and he also discovered at age 16 he has the power of invisibilty, Which is the power he uses for advantage.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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