• Ellie was coincidently named after, Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris.
  • Ellie has use 4 bending powers so far, Earth,Water,Fire,and Bloodbending. We haven't seen her do the following: Airbending and Energybending.
  • She Once Tripped over a stick and scraped her leg [April 2014]
  • She Has An Hullucination of Jake Cameron. [April 2015]
  • She Sang a solo; "Lovesick Melody (Stop This Song) -By Hayley Williams" Hayley-williams-hayley
  • As of 4/20/15, Ellie Harris loses her virginity to Levi Styles, her boyfriend, for more details please go to: Losing Virginity to Levi
  • Ellie shares similarities between two Degrassi Characters, Two House Of Anubis Characters, and Two Victorious Characters. Becky Baker and Imogen Moreno (Degrassi), Patricia Williamson and Willow Jenks (House of Anubis), Jade West and Cat Valentine (Victorious).

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